Why do married Maharashtrian women wear green coloured bangles?

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As anyone with an interest in Indian jewelry will know, color is incredibly important when it comes to signifying everything from luck to happiness, passion to romance. But why do married Maharashtrian women wear green coloured bangles? We’re going to take a look at this question in the following blog, so let’s get started!

Who are Maharashtrian women?

Maharashtrian women are the women who live in the Indian state of Maharashtra. They tend to follow very traditional customs, and one of these customs is wearing green bangles to signify their marital status. This tradition is rooted in the Indian notion of “auspiciousness”, which means good luck and prosperity.

Why do Maharashtrian women wear green bangles?

The primary reason why married Maharashtrian women wear green bangles is because the color green symbolizes fertility and growth; green is also associated with nature, which signifies happiness, health, and prosperity, and thus by wearing green bangles, Maharashtrian women are signifying to those around them that they have a strong relationship with their spouse, and that they’re happy and fulfilled in their marriage.

Understanding the patlya, chura and chooda

In Indian wedding ceremonies, it’s important to note that bangles and other types of jewelry are just as important as wedding bands are in a White wedding; each piece of jewelry represents something meaningful for the new couple, whether it be prosperity and luck, or fertility and passion.

It’s also helpful to understand that the bangles worn during Indian weddings tend to be three different types: the patiala, the kadas and the chooda. The chooda bracelet symbolizes the bride’s new status as a married woman, and chooda bracelets can be made from gold, glass, or other metals. The patiala is a solid gold bangle, and the kadas can be made with anything from gold to glass. Like the mangalsutra, an Indian bride’s bracelets are commonly offered to her by the groom’s family.

Understanding "auspiciousness" in Indian culture

The term “auspicious” is also important when it comes to understanding why married Maharashtrian women wear green bangles; in India, the term “auspiciousness” signifies good luck and fortune, and as the color green is considered to be an auspicious color, Maharashtrian women adorn their wrists in green to demonstrate their hope for a prosperous future. In some Karnataka regions, married women also wear green bangles, again to symbolize fertility and good fortune.

Colors and symbolism in different Indian regions

It’s also important to note that different Indian regions are associated with different colors, especially when it comes to traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. For example, Indian brides who come from the Punjab region in India often wear all red to their weddings, signifying passion, love, and matrimony.

Elsewhere in regions such as Kerala, South India, Indian brides often wear a traditional white and gold ensemble. In Indian culture – and likewise across much of the world – the color gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and luck for the new couple.

Other colors featured at Indian weddings also include yellow, which signifies happiness, as well as purple, blue, and pink. No matter the color theme – which is usually dependant on the region from which the bride comes from – gold is always used to decorate the bride, and those with the means will often opt for 22 karat gold bangles.


How many green bangles should a bride wear?

The traditional custom is for a bride to wear at least six green bangles, with the number of bangles varying depending on family and regional customs. For Maharashtrian women, it’s custom for brides to wear an uneven number of bangles – 21 on one wrist, and 20 on the other.

When can you wear green bangles?

While Indian customs and traditions remain important in the region, anyone can wear green bangles if they feel like it! Maharashtrian women wear green bangles to signify fertility, prosperity, and good luck in their marriage.

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