Preparing for your wedding day means preparing your trousseau, and that means stocking up on all your favorite jewelry pieces! But what should Indian brides include in their trousseau as they prepare for their big day? Let’s take a look!


In traditional Indian culture, a trousseau is a collection of belongings that the Indian bride prepares before she moves into her new home with her new husband. There are no fixed rules on what you can and can’t include in a trousseau, but it’s a great idea to include some jewelry pieces, from rings and earrings to 22 karat gold chains and necklaces.



Usually made from gold with a wax core, A Kundan necklace is an absolute must-have for every Indian bride-to-be. Kundan necklaces can be worn as a part of your everyday ethnic attire, or worn on special occasions such as Diwali. Don’t forget that Kundan necklaces are typically adorned with beautiful gemstones, so pick one that reflects your style or even your regional background.


Another key factor that drives the popularity of bangles is that they come in many different sizes, styles and materials – so there’s truly something for everyone! Whether you want to dress up with a full arm full of diamond-adorned kada bracelets, or keep things simple with a sleek gold bracelet, bangles are always a reliable fashion accessory.


Pearl necklace chains are a handy everyday item for the Indian woman; not only are they simple and classic, but they can be adorned with gold charms or layered for extra effect. Pearl necklaces are ideal for brides from the Southern regions of India, as the translucent pearl color blends perfectly with the customary gold jewelry worn by Southern Indian brides.


Incredibly extravagant and gorgeous on the neck, a Jadau necklace is another must-have for your wedding trousseau. Not only is a Jadau necklace perfect for religious occasions, but you can also match the gorgeous pink, green and gold colors to any sari or Churidaar for a vibrant and beautiful look.


Categorized by its signature coin charms, a Meenakari necklace is another great option for your wedding trousseau; as the word “meena” itself translates to “heavenly” in Persian, you’ll be looking heavenly when decorated in this beautiful traditional Indian necklace.


Pendants are perhaps one of the most common forms of necklace in traditional Indian attire, and for some, the bigger the pendant the better! Pendant necklaces are ideal for your wedding trousseau, as you can easily customize a pendant with something sentimental; for example, with the initials of you and your new husband, or with the date of your wedding day. We’d also recommend opting for gold chains and a gold pendant if you’re looking to create the most opulent, luxury look imaginable.


Chokers may be fashionable in the Western World, but no culture does the choker better than Indian culture! A bit like a bangle for the neck, a choker is essential for your wedding trousseau; you can opt for something statement-making – such as a gold cuff choker with lots of layered charms and gemstones – or something more understated, such as a simple gold choker with chandbali and tikka.


Another great choice for your wedding trousseau is a Rani Haar necklace; the Rani Haar is a long, typically gold necklace that is often passed down from mother to daughter before the bride’s wedding day. As the Rani Haar is longer than your typical Indian necklace, it can often be paired with a choker to bring more balance to the décolleté.


Similar to a choker, a Guluband necklace is a wonderful addition to any wedding trousseau, and can be identified by its panel design and adornment of large, vibrant gemstones. Guluband necklaces are traditionally made with gold, and customized with a variety of different gemstones, whether it be rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. For an authentic Indian bridal look, opt for gemstones that represent your regional background.


Made with thread and an oversized charm pendant, every Indian bride should include an Aad necklace in her wedding trousseau. Not only is this necklace revered for its beauty on new Indian brides, but it can also be repurposed for religious events such as Diwali and Ramnavmi.


The mangalsutra is perhaps the most important wedding necklace of all for Indian brides, and while it isn’t given to the bride until the actual wedding day, we’re still going to mention it anyway! The mangalsutra represents the new sacred bond between the husband and wife, and Indian women are obliged to wear their mangalsutra for the full duration of their marriage. While it’s common for the groom’s family to pick and buy the mangalsutra, Indian brides can still get a say in the design and style; consider regional traditions and practicality when making a decision.


A symbol of wealth and opulence, a Navratan necklace sits around the neck and is often adorned with several pearl charms, gemstones, and coin detailing. The name Navratan translates in Sanskrit to “nine gems” and is incredibly popular in the South of India and Southeast Asia. Believed to offer talismanic benefits for your physical and emotional health, a Navratan necklace is a must-have for any Southern Indian bride.


Identified by its vibrant red, green and gold appearance, as well as its rectangular choker design, a Kanthi necklace is another must-have for your wedding trousseau, especially for brides who come from the Rajasthan region in India. Adorned typically with Kundan and polki stones, a Kanthi necklace isn’t just for your wedding day! This gorgeous piece can be worn for other religious spiritual ceremonies, or simply worn to add glamor and flair to an ethnic Indian outfit.