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About The Collection

Shop the latest and modern gold mangalsutra designs in our unique range, and add glamor to your everyday wear in 22K solid yellow gold. Indian mangalsutra are luxurious yet lightweight and make the perfect gift for a loved one on their anniversary, birthday, or wedding. A 22k gold mangalsutra blends divine significance with modern fashion, and these essential jewelry pieces are sure to make a statement at any event.

Indian Gold Mangalsutra: Heritage Meets Contemporary

Decorate your decolletage with a divine piece of gold Hindu mangalsutra design in striking 22k gold. Explore our range of breathtaking Indian mangalsutra necklaces, combining timeless solid gold with beautiful black beads in a wide selection of styles. Find your favorite Indian mangalsutra among the various stunning designs available. Experience the luxury of 22k gold mangalsutra. Celebrate any occasion with gorgeous jewelry.

Indian Mangalsutra Designs: Find Your Style

At Queen of Hearts, discover our range of 22k gold mangalsutra designs, and create a flawless look for every moment by pairing our Indian mangalsutra with 22k gold bangles. Browse a range of 22k gold necklaces to complete your ensemble, and let your hands experience the magnificence of the finest gold and indian designs with 22k women’s gold rings. Whether you’re looking for simple yet stunning, or elaborate and detailed, at Queen of Hearts, our range of 22k gold mangalsutra offers all the opulent options you need to bring your style to life.


Can I buy 22k gold mangalsutra?

  • At Queen of Hearts, our extensive range of captivating 22k gold mangalsutra can be the basis for a new collection, a striking addition to any jewelry box, or bought as a memorable and lavish present for a loved one.

Where can I buy mangalsutra online in the usa?

  • Browse a full range of Indian mangalsutra online at Queen of Hearts, and rest easy knowing your perfect piece is protected with insurance and a trade-in and returns policy.

What is the Queen of Hearts shipping & returns policy?

  • Every piece of 22k gold Indian mangalsutra from Queen of Hearts is shipped quickly, insured, and can be exchanged or returned at no extra cost.