Indian culture is renowned for its beautiful and elaborate jewellery, and bangles and bracelets make up an important part of this cultural heritage. From delicate, light pieces to heavier, more ornate designs, there are many types of Indian bracelet designs that can be found in the country, many of which are now popularised across the West and other regions of the world.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular Indian bracelet designs, how they’ve evolved and been imitated elsewhere, and how to style an Indian bracelet for maximum impact. Let’s get started!


In India, it is customary for women to wear at least one bangle on each wrist. This practice has a range of religious and cultural meanings, with many believing that bangles can be worn as a sign of marriage and protection. In some regions, even unmarried women and young girls will often wear glass or gold bracelets to ward off bad luck.

In fact, Indian men wear bracelets too! The Punjab kada is one of the most popular bracelet designs amongst men in India, and is worn as a sign of strength and protection, as well as an homage to their cultural – and often regional – identity.


In India, bracelet designs are just as varied as the wearers, but here are some of the most popular designs:


The Punjab Chooda is a traditional bridal bangle made of red and ivory colored bangles. This type of bangle symbolizes love and fertility, making it a popular choice for Indian brides. The Punjab chooda is normally supposed to be worn for at least 3 months, although in some cases the bride will wear these bangles for the full duration of her first year of marriage.

In the West, many fashion retailers adopted the Chooda bangle style, especially in the 90s and 2000s – it was commonplace for young teenage girls across Europe and America to be seen sporting full arms of jangly, sparkly bangles.


Another popular design is the Kundan bracelet, which is crafted from precious stones set with gold or brass. The intricate etchings on the Kundan bracelet give it an elegant and timeless look, and this type of bracelet is often worn for special occasions such as weddings and festivals. Just like many other Indian styles adopted by the West, the Kundan design can be seen imitated in many jewellers and fashion houses across the world, most notably by Harry Winston.


Commonly worn by Bengali and Hindu women, the Shaka-Pola and Loha bangle is commonly gifted to Indian brides by their mother, and is typically made to be brittle; this is to represent the care the new wife must take as she builds her new life with her husband. These types of bracelets are typically red or coral in color, to symbolize warmth.


This type of bangle set consists of several thin gold bangles delicately stacked together to create a cuff effect – while this style first began in Indian and Southeast Asia, you can now spot many cuff bracelets on the runway, or sold for thousands of dollars by major fashion houses.


The traditional kada bracelet is typically worn by married women as a symbol of marriage and good luck, and these bracelets are simple and minimalist in style when compared to other Indian bracelet designs. While you can find more elaborate variations – including designs embellished with diamonds, rubies, gemstones and more – the concept of the kada consists of a single gold band that is worn around the wrist.


When styling an Indian bracelet, it’s important to consider how to make it stand out amongst other jewelry pieces. Here are some tips:

  • Choose complementary colors for an outfit, ensuring that they highlight the details of your chosen design.
  • Always opt for quality – 22k gold bracelets are your best bet when it comes to ensuring durability, as well as that iconic yellow-gold hue.
  • Balance your look by pairing bracelets with rings or earrings in similar metals, or featuring similar or the same gemstones.
  • Go bold by layering multiple bracelets together – it’s the Indian way!

With a design that suits your style, almost any Indian bracelet design can be added to your look to compliment your style and add a touch of that all-important elegance.