The Origin of Wearing Gold Earrings

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Whether you prefer classic hoops or something more creative, a pair of gold earrings is a must-have for every fashion-forward wardrobe – or should we say, jewelry box. But what exactly are the origins of wearing gold earrings, and what makes them so universal and elegant today? Let’s take a look.

Who wore the first gold earrings?

According to archeological findings, the earliest gold earrings appeared to be worn by women of the Sumer residence in around 2500 BC. Sumer, now known as Northeastern Iraq, was one of the first known human civilizations, proving just how far back the tradition of wearing gold earrings goes.

The symbolism of earrings across the world

Gold has always been seen as a status symbol, and gold earrings are no exception. But the origin of earrings themselves isn’t exactly one of luxe or status; in fact, earrings used to be worn exclusively by men before they were mainstreamed as a unisex fashion accessory.

Earrings have also performed lots of different symbolic roles in cultures across the world; in Rome, slaves wore earrings as symbols of their servitude, while in ancient Greece, only prostitutes wore earrings. Flash forward to the 13th century, and the Catholic Church prohibited the wearing of earrings; they viewed pierced earlobes as an insult to God’s divine creation, and turned earrings into a symbol of counter-culture and rebellion, worn often by pirates and criminals.

Nowadays, in cultures across the world, earrings are a common everyday accessory, although earrings made with high-quality metals such as gold are seen as emblems of prosperity. Equally in the West, gold earrings remain a coveted status symbol, connoting wealth, luxury, and extravagance.

How to pick gold earrings

If you’re thinking about investing in a pair of gold earrings for yourself, there are a number of important points to keep in mind. From selecting the right gold karat, to finding metals that don’t irritate the skin, here are our top tips for picking out a pair of gold earrings to suit your style:

Consider gold karat

When it comes to buying gold earrings, it’s always a good idea to get clued up on the concept of gold karat, which determines the percentage of pure gold in your pair of earrings. If you’re looking for something for everyday wear, anything upwards of 14k gold (up to 22k gold) is a good choice; we’d recommend avoiding pure gold (24k) for everyday wear as pure gold is too soft, and therefore more easily bent and damaged.

Note that the percentage of gold in your earrings will reflect their overall aesthetic appearance, as well as their durability. Earrings with a higher gold karat will offer a more yellow-toned gold color and be slightly more prone to bending and damage, while earrings made with a lower gold karat will be less vibrant but overall more durable.

Explore different styles

When picking a pair of gold earrings, don’t feel compelled to follow the latest jewelry trends, or simply buy the most popular pieces. One of the best things about jewelry is that it’s an intimate way to display your unique personality, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a pair of earrings.

At Queen of Hearts, we offer a wide range of high-quality 22k gold earrings in vibrant and colorful styles, from beautiful gold stud earrings to more colorful earrings adorned with rubies and other jewels.

Consider it an investment

We believe that buying jewelry is an investment, and should be seen as such. After all, investing in a high quality pair of gold earrings could actually be more cost-effective over time than buying and re-buying a pair of store-bought earrings every few months. If you truly want to experience the joy and beauty of wearing real gold, invest in real gold jewelry. Plus, gold is one of the most durable and long-lasting metals out there, so with proper care and consideration, your gold pieces can last a lifetime.

Don’t forget about quality

Finally, one of the most important aspects to consider when buying gold earrings is the quality of the earrings themselves; we’d always recommend buying from legitimate gold jewelry experts such as us, and avoid buying second-hand gold jewelry online. Also make sure to think about the quality of any charms or jewels on the earrings themselves; if you have any skin sensitivities, make sure any additional components are skin-friendly, and nickel-free.

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