The great thing about jewelry is that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to wearing it. In fact, jewelry is such a unique expression of personal identity that there’s no “right” way to wear it – it’s all about your own aesthetic preferences.

That being said, jewelry items such as bangles can be prone to falling off or getting lost, so it’s important that you ensure they’re fitted correctly. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at various types of bangle fits, and compare all the different ways you can wear your own. Let’s get started!


A bangle is a typically smooth, rigid type of bracelet. Unlike traditional bracelets, bangles are inflexible; they don’t usually come with an adjustable fastener that you can use to fit the bangle correctly on your wrist. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your bangle fits correctly. A poorly-fitting bangle can easily fall off and get lost, or even cause circulation problems if it’s worn too tight.

Some bangles, most commonly baby bangles, often come with an adjustable hinge that allows you to adjust the bangle as your baby grows. However, these features are less common in bangles designed for adult women.


When it comes to wearing a bangle, it should never feel too tight on your wrist. Ideally, the bangle sits on your wrist comfortably, without falling down and without squeezing your wrist during wear. You might be wearing a poorly sized bangle if you experience the following:

● If you struggle to remove or put on the bangle

● Your bangle keeps falling down

● You experience poor circulation in your hands or forearm

● The bangle keeps getting in the way when you use your hands

● If your hand appears bigger than usual; this is usually a sign that your bangle is too small

A good way to test if your bangle fits correctly is to try putting two fingers, side by side, in the width between your wrist and the bangle when wearing it. If you’re unable to do so, your bangle might be too small. If you’re able to put more than two fingers in the width, your bangle is probably slightly too large.


So, how can you pick the right bangle size? It’s easy – all you need is a measuring tape.

1. When measuring for a bangle, you need to measure your fingers, not your wrist. To do this, bring your thumb towards your palm (in the direction of your pinkie finger) and close your fingers as if you were about to put on a bracelet or bangle.

2. Using your measuring tape, measure the circumference around your knuckles, keeping your fingers firmly closed. The knuckles are the widest part of your hand, so getting the right measurement will ensure your bangle fits correctly.

3. Once you’ve got your measurement, note it down and refer to any sizing guide when buying bangles online. If you’re buying a bangle in a jewelry shop, bring your measurement along with you.

TIPIf you already have a bangle that fits perfectly, you can also measure its inner circumference, rather than measuring your hand. This is the most discreet way to measure for bangle size if you’re buying the bangle as a gift for a loved one.


While picking the right bangle size is incredibly important, quality should always be a key concern. Poorly made jewelry or artificial gold will usually wear away after just a few months of use, making it a waste of money. You should always try to opt for real gold where possible – 22k gold is perfect for jewelry, as it’s both sturdy and durable. Made with over 90% pure gold, 22k gold bangles make for perfect gifts for women and girls of all ages.


If you were gifted a bangle that doesn’t quite fit right and you’re unable to return it, don’t panic! You can still wear the bangle – you just have to get a little creative with how you wear it.

One way you can wear an oversized bangle is by wearing it on your forearm instead of your wrist. This can look great when paired with a short-sleeved dress or t-shirt – just make sure the bangle isn’t loose and won’t fall down as you go about your day.