There’s no better statement accessory than a gold chain necklace. Representative of both luxury and prosperity, adding a gold necklace to your outfit is a simple way to take it from office-casual to runway chic. But what type of gold chain necklace is best?

In this guide, we’re going to go over 7 gold chain necklaces to consider when getting dressed, from statement chains to simple, delicate chains ideal for a work environment. Let’s take a look!


Whether you’re heading to work or going to meet a friend for coffee, here are 7 beautiful gold chain necklaces that add style, class and elegance to any look:


If you’re looking to make a statement and draw all eyes on you, a Byzantine choker is the way to go. Thick and shiny, a Byzantine chain is a great way to create a centerpiece in your outfit, and complement any street style or red-carpet look. Just be prepared for eyes to be on you in this stunning statement piece!


A figaro chain necklace is one of the most popular gold chains in the jewelry world, and is perfect for a low-key work look, or as the perfect accessory to complete a daytime off-day outfit. Categorized by its non-uniform gold loops, a figaro chain necklace adds class and elegance, without drawing attention away from the rest of your fit.


A rope chain is another popular type of gold necklace, and works best when paired with a crisp white shirt. Ideal for both workplace attire and your street style, a rope chain can be identified by its intertwining gold chains – almost like a pleated style – and its heavier weight.


A gold snake chain is a chain made up of round, wavy gold rings and strung together in one flexible, uniform necklace. It appears ‘scaly’ in texture – hence its name – and makes for a brilliant addition to any chic outfit. Why not fully embrace the snake theme and pair your chain with a pair of snakeskin boots or a snakeskin bag?


If you’re looking for something classic and slightly more noticeable than your average gold rope chain, an anchor chain might be best for you. An anchor chain can easily be accessorized with various types of pendants and charms, while still looking great on its own. If you really want your anchor chain to shine, make sure to opt for a high-karat gold quality, to obtain that eye-catching yellow hue that you only find with pure gold.


Great for chokers and layered gold necklaces, a box chain is another type of chain necklace to consider when putting together an outfit. A box chain necklace connotes simplicity and timeless elegance, and is thus best suited to minimalist street or work looks. You can always jazz up a box chain with a singular pendant or some layers, but this type of chain works best in conservative settings.


If you’re looking for perhaps the simplest and most popular form of gold chain necklace, you can’t go wrong with a cable chain. A cable chain is perhaps the most common of all gold chain necklaces, and you can find cable chains in all different lengths and thicknesses. If you’re looking for a classic work look, a thin gold cable chain and a small pendant makes for an elegant, understated, yet feminine look.


So, once you’ve picked your gold chain, what’s the best way to wear it? Aside from following the style tips above, you can also follow the below tips and tricks on making the most out of your gold necklace:

  • Pair it with gold earrings. This can help draw attention to your look and enhance your natural features.
  • Wear a v-neck sweater or shirt. This will help you show off your gold chain without having to wear something low-cut.
  • Make sure to pick quality gold. High quality gold, such as 22k gold necklaces, are going to give you that classic yellow-toned gold shade associated with expensive fine jewelry. Just make sure to wear it sparingly if you want to keep it in pristine condition.