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22 Inches


3.3mm / 0.1 Inches


The dragon chain, the ultimate symbol of power, crafted in the finest 22 Karat Solid Gold. Choose from two options, each one heavy enough to make a statement. The first option weighs in at 31.05 Grams, while the second option is a hefty 38.75 Grams. Both chains are perfect for both men and women. The chain’s lobster lock ensures that it will stay securely in place, allowing you to wear it with confidence and style. If you are looking for a lighter option in the same length and design, then checkout our 21.40 Gram Option Here.

Our Recommended Chain Length…

  • For Women: 16 Inches & Up
  • For Men: 20 Inches & Up

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Chain Size Guide

Size Chart
Chain Size Guide Image

14” Chain - The smallest common chain size for women is the 14” chain. This size is going to fit almost as tight as a choker and is usually reserved for thinner style chains.

16” Chain - The 16” chain is going to have a chain that will rest around the base of a woman’s neck similar to a collar. For more petite women, this size will most likely fall at the collarbone while feeling similar to a choker for plus size women.

18” Chain - For most women, the 18” chain is one of the most popular choices as this chain will rest at the collarbone right below the throat. This is the most commonly used size when adding pendants as it will hang right over a crew neck t-shirt.

20” Chain - A 20” chain for women will give you a little more breathing room and will usually fall a few inches below your collarbone. This size is perfect for those wearing turtlenecks and women with a lower neckline.

22” Chain - If you are a woman with a lower neckline, the 22” chain is a great choice as it falls right at or above low necklines.

24” Chain - If you are a fan of longer chains or are picking a design that works best at longer lengths, the 24” chain is a perfect choice as it falls below just about any neckline.