How to Find the Ideal Gold Ring Size

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If you’re shopping for a gold ring, it’s important to know beforehand what your ring size is – or that of your partner, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring.

Getting the right sized gold ring will prevent you from having to resize it later on, so it’s a good idea to take your own measurements before ordering online or going to the jewelry store.

In this helpful guide, we’re going to give you 3 different methods you can use to measure your ring size at home, with some extra tips on how to measure your partner’s ring size – without them knowing! Let’s take a look.

How do I measure my ring size for a gold ring?

To easily measure your ring size at home, you can use one of the following methods:

Dental floss method

Dental floss doesn’t just keep your teeth clean, it can also come in handy when measuring your ring size! To measure using dental floss, take a string of floss and tie it around the finger that you’ll be wearing the ring on. When the floss begins overlapping, mark your finger with a pen.

Then, roll out the dental floss that was around your finger, measuring it using a ruler. Note the tape’s length in millimeters. Then, all you need to do is refer to the ring size guide on the site where you want to purchase your ring. Easy!

Use an old ring

Another easy way to find your perfect ring size is to use an old ring for reference. If you wear the ring and it fits perfectly, download a ring size guide (or refer to a true-to-life size guide online) and drag the ring across the page until it fits into one of the ring sizes. If it doesn’t fit any ring size exactly, it’s a good idea to size up, rather than down.

Buy a ring measuring tool

If you want to measure your exact ring size with extreme precision, you can always use a ring measure tool, which is a cylindrical ring that you wear on your finger and adjust until it sits comfortably. This is a good option if you’re buying an expensive ring and don’t want to have to pay money getting it resized. For example, if you’re buying a 22 carat gold ring, you’re going to want to ensure that it fits correctly. Indian 22k gold – as well as other beautiful soft metals – can be incredibly delicate, so it’s best to get the rize size upfront.

How can I measure my partner’s ring size discreetly?

If you’re planning a surprise engagement and you don’t know your partner’s ring size, there are a number of options you can take:

Find an old ring they wore recently

If your partner has any rings in their jewelry collection, take a look at one of the rings they wore most recently and use the second method listed above, where you download a ring size chart with graphics and find the ring that corresponds with that of your partner.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not the ring still fits, you can err on the side of caution and go one size up, just in case it’s an old ring that you mistook for a current one.

Do the floss test

This one requires a little bit of planning on your part, and might not be right for everyone. If you don’t know your partner’s ring size and they don’t own any other rings, you can carry out the floss test while your partner sleeps. Now – this isn’t necessarily the best method. Your partner might move in their sleep or wake up while you perform the test, the former of which will ruin the measurement, and the latter of which will ruin the surprise. However, if your partner is a heavy sleeper, this method can work.

Go for average

It might not be the most efficient method, but you can always simply opt for the average ring size, knowing that you can always resize at a later date if necessary. Always size up if you think your partner’s ring size is larger than average; it’s much easier to resize a ring that is too large than too small.

How should a ring fit on my finger?

Ideally, any ring you buy should feel snug and comfortable on your finger. It shouldn’t feel like the blood circulation is being impacted, and it shouldn’t need to be adjusted constantly – if the ring keeps falling down on your finger, it’s too large.

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