8 Reasons for Men to Wear Bracelets

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While bracelets may be marketed in the Western world as a feminine accessory, nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, in historic and religious cultures across the world, many men wear bracelets to symbolize everything from strength and courage to their religious affiliation.

While the wearing of bracelets is less common in men in the Western world, there’s no reason for it to be! In this blog, we’re going over 8 reasons why men should wear bracelets, from exploring your personal style to embracing your religion and culture. Let’s take a look!

Express religious affiliation

In many cultures across the world, men wear bracelets to demonstrate their religious affiliation – in fact, in India, the Punjab Kada is a steel or gold bracelet worn by Sikh men to demonstrate their faith, while also conveying strength and bravery.

The trend of religious bracelets can be found across other cultures too – the mezuzah is a common Jewish bracelet, with it being said to bring the wearer good luck and prosperity.

Connection to cultural traditions

In many cultures across the world, bracelets are worn as important symbols of culture – for example, in Native American culture, men often wear turquoise bracelets which represent their connection to nature and the earth.

In Sardinia, men wear a traditional gold bracelet called a Fili d’Oro to symbolize their love for their home and their connection with the village of origin – they are often given as gifts by parents and grandparents.

Express personal style

Bracelets can also be used as an expression of a man’s personal style. Whether you’re looking for classic or modern, simple or flashy, there are numerous types of bracelets that can help to create your desired look – from link bracelets to beaded and leather styles.

Sentimental symbolism

We shouldn’t just associate symbolic jewelry with women – men can and should also sport sentimental jewelry pieces that hold romantic meaning. And if you’re looking to do so without appearing too gauche or flashy, a bracelet is the perfect way to do so. A simple gold chain bracelet, or a wooden beaded bracelet gifted by a partner can be a subtle and meaningful way to show your love. If you want to go even more meaningful, match bracelets with your partner or spouse!

Enjoy the health benefits

Did you know that certain gold and steel bangles can actually be beneficial for your health? Certain metals are believed to help with a range of issues, including regulating your body temperature and supporting the immune system. That being said, you’d need to invest in high-quality 22 karat gold bracelets to really feel the positive effects.

Regulate energy flow

Many cultures around the world believe that bracelets made from certain materials (such as copper or gold) can even help to regulate the body’s energy flow. This is based on ancient medicinal practices, which suggest that certain materials can help to balance the body’s energies by improving blood flow and reducing stress. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply pop on a bracelet and let it work its magic!

Add a touch of luxury

As well as often representing deeper meaning, bracelets can also be worn simply to create a pleasing aesthetic – adding a touch of luxury style to any outfit is simple with a classic gold link bracelet or bangle. Plus, the bracelet itself isn’t overly flashy or attention-grabbing; it’s timeless and sophisticated, perfect for formal occasions or simply as an everyday accessory.

Enhance your confidence

Studies have shown that wearing jewelry items can actually boost your self-esteem, in turn helping you feel more confident and attractive. This can be especially true when it comes to men’s bracelets – subtle pieces that are chosen carefully to match your style, or jewelry that is gifted by a loved one can make all the difference in how we portray ourselves.

How to pick a men's bracelet

Whether you’re a woman shopping for a loved one, or a man looking to explore bracelet designs for everyday wear, here’s how to pick something that works best for you:

  • Choose a style that suits your everyday style – if you want to keep things understated, make sure to opt for something subtle – you want to get the most wear out of your bracelet as possible, so make sure to opt for a design that actually suits your day-to-day style.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable – if you plan on wearing the bracelet every day, make sure it’s lightweight and not too bulky – you’ll also want to measure your wrist correctly, especially if you’re buying online.
  • Consider practicality – If you work with your hands, or work in an environment with a strictly enforced dress code, take this into consideration when choosing a style. You want to minimize the possibility that your bracelet gets lost or damaged during wear.

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