Gold has long symbolized luxe, elegance, and wealth – so it’s no surprise that gold is one of the most popular soft metals used to craft luxury jewelry. If you’re thinking about buying your first pair of gold earrings, don’t rush in without doing your research first! While ‘gold’ is an umbrella term, there are lots of different factors to take into consideration before buying a piece of gold jewelry.

In this helpful guide, we’re going to take a look at 5 things to consider before you buy gold earrings, from different gold karats to your various style options. So, let’s take a look!


One of the most important things you’ll need to decide on before buying a pair of gold earrings is the gold karat. Karat refers to the percentage of the jewelry considered pure gold, and some of the most common gold karats used for jewelry are 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or 24k (also known as pure gold.)

Gold jewelry under 24k will typically be alloyed with different metals, usually to increase their durability and make them suitable for everyday wear. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from each level of gold karat purity:

● 10k gold. This is one of the lowest gold karats available on the market, but you can still find good quality 10k gold jewelry. 10k gold translates to around 41.7% pure gold, and jewelry made with 10k gold also tends to have one of the palest gold pigments. If you’re looking for that rich gold hue associated with pure gold, you might not want to opt for 10k. That being said, 10k is one of the cheapest forms of pure gold, making it a more budget-friendly option.

● 14k gold. 14k gold represents a gold purity rate of 58.3%, and is usually alloyed with other metals – such as copper – to render the item more resistant and durable. Used to craft everyday jewelry items, 14k gold is another relatively inexpensive option, with a slightly more pigmented gold hue.

● 18k gold. Jewelry made with 18k gold typically has a gold purity rate of 75%, making it a great option for those who want to combine a high gold karat with practicality. The 25% alloyed metals help reder the jewelry more resistant to water damage, tarnishing, and scratching. Unlike lower karat alternatives, 18k karat gold enjoys a yellow-gold hue often chosen for wedding bands and engagement rings.

● 22k gold. 22k gold is the second-most pure form of gold, next only to real 24k gold (aka 100% gold). 22k is made up of 91.67% pure gold, with just under 9% representing alloyed metals. 22k karat gold combines the durability of alloyed metals with the bright, eye-catching yellow synonymous with pure gold.

● 24k gold. 24k gold represents 100% pure gold and 0% alloyed metals, making it the most expensive gold karat in the world. While 24k does provide an authentic, vivid gold color for jewelry items, it is more prone to scratching and damage. This makes it a risky – and expensive – choice for everyday wear.


When picking a pair of gold earrings, you’ll want to consider various style options before settling on your favorite pair. As gold is one of the most commonly used soft metals for jewelry, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a style that best suits you.

The most common types of gold earrings include studs, hoops, drop earrings (that include a pendant or charm), huggies, and shoulder dusters (also known as dangly earrings.) Before making your choice, you’ll want to consider the practical side of things: if you’re going to be wearing your gold earrings every day, you’ll want to choose a pair that are compact and discreet, and won’t get in the way as you go about your day. You might also want to avoid pure gold – 22k gold earrings are best if you want to combine a high karat with everyday practicality.


If you want to make your gold earrings extra special (for example, if you’re buying a gift for a loved one) you can think about adding personalized pendants or engravings. Pendants such as birth gemstones are highly popular when it comes to gifting gold earrings.


While you might not perform regular cleaning or maintenance on the jewelry you buy on the high-street, it’s essential for you to regularly clean gold jewelry in order to keep it clean, gleaming and like-new. When buying your gold earrings, make sure you buy some gentle dish soap, a lint-free cloth for buffing, and a small toothbrush that you’ll use to clean your gold earrings every few weeks.


As with any expensive purchase, it’s a good idea to consider insuring your gold earrings to protect yourself against theft and loss. After all, buying gold jewelry is a financial investment . You’ll definitely want to insure any items that represent sentimental value as well as financial value, such as wedding rings or engagement rings.