5 simple steps to clean gold chain necklace

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If you own one – or several – gold chain necklaces, you might be wondering what the best method is for keeping them in tip top condition. After all, the best way to keep your gold jewelry shiny and gleaming is to perform regular at-home maintenance, combined with the occasional trip to your local jewelers.

In this guide, we’re going to show you five simple steps to clean a gold chain necklace, using simple household items that you probably already have. So, let’s take a look!

How do I clean a real gold necklace?

Gold chain necklaces are incredibly easy to clean – the key is to simply use gentle products and avoid any harsh, stripping chemicals. Here’s what you’ll need to clean your gold chain necklace:

● Gentle dish soap

● A soft bristled child’s toothbrush

● Lint-free cloth (similar to a cloth you might use to clean your glasses)

● A small bowl filled with tepid water (make sure it’s not hot)

Cleaning a gold necklace, step by step

To keep your gold necklaces in prime condition, clean them regularly following the steps outlined below:

Mix the dish soap with water

Pop some dish soap into the bowl filled with warm water, using the toothbrush to create a soapy mixture. This is what you’ll be using to clean your gold necklace. It’s important that you use a gentle dish cleaner here, and don’t add in any supplementary cleaning agents. Gold is a soft metal, which means that it can scratch easily if exposed to harsh chemicals.

Place your necklace in the bowl to soak

Before cleaning with the toothbrush, you should let your necklace soak for around 10-15 minutes. This will help lift any marks, making it easier for you to clean with the toothbrush without having to scrub aggressively, which risks damaging or scratching the gold. Note: if you’re cleaning a necklace with any attached gemstones, you shouldn’t let your necklace soak. Either detach the gemstones temporarily or keep them above water, laid over the side of the bowl while soaking.

Gently clean the necklace with the toothbrush

Once your necklace has soaked for 15 minutes, begin using the small toothbrush to clean each separate piece of the necklace. For example, lift out the fastening clip and give it a gentle clean with the toothbrush, before moving onto the necklace chain itself, and any attached pendants. Depending on the type of pendant (if you have one), you might need to use a separate cleaning method.

Rinse away any suds

Once you’ve cleaned your necklace thoroughly, you should rinse it under cold water to wash away any lingering suds. Don’t rinse it under the hot tap.

Let it dry naturally before buffing

Rather than storing your necklace away right away, it’s best to let it dry naturally on a piece of cloth, or a towel. Don’t rub it dry if you’re eager to wear it right away – it won’t take long to air dry. Once it’s completely dry, you can begin buffing at the necklace with your lint-free cloth to give it a shiny, renewed gleam.

And there you have it! Cleaning a gold chain necklace really is simple – and you don’t need to invest in any expensive gold cleaners to get the job done.

How often should I clean a gold necklace?

Gold looks best when it shines; if you want to keep your gold necklaces in tip top condition, we’d recommend using the above cleaning method around twice a month, or every two weeks. If your gold has any sustained damage that won’t lift with regular cleaning, you can always head to your local jeweler shop and see what they can do.

Can I clean all my gold jewelry using this method?

Yes! This method works with all forms of gold jewelry, whether it be a 22k gold chain or a gold wedding band. Gold of the highest karat (known as 24k or pure gold) can also be cleaned using this method.

As mentioned above, one thing to look for is whether or not your gold jewelry has extra pendants or attachments, such as fastening clips that may be made with other metals, or might be gold-plated rather than made of real gold. In this case, you might want to refrain from soaking the necklace and instead soak only the parts made of pure gold.

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